We’ve moved away from print and are excited to showcase our first digital flip book!

This year has been an exciting ‘full of firsts’ experience – and it’s only March! Not only are we going to see each other in what feels like a few days, but we’ve also taken our first digital flip book live. It’s been such a pleasure to work on, particularly because, unlike with print, space is not as limited, and so we were able to include so much more information about events.

We haven’t even begun to explore what’s possible with this new format, but are certainly looking forward to it.

Please take some time to read it here.

Most importantly, thank you for the support you’ve shown through the purchase of tickets! It’s been incredible to see how quickly sales have been moving. It’s a reminder to us how necessary spaces like Open Book are. Without these platforms (and venues!), conversations and celebrations – on and off stage – can’t happen in the same way.

We advise you to spend some time with the programme in the coming days and book through Webtickets as soon as you are able. For those who plan on attending multiple events, look out for the ticket packages!

These are Covid times, so be aware that masks must be worn at all times unless participating in an event from the stage, or eating. There are sanitizing stations throughout the venue, and the discussion events are capped at 50 people.

Books will be on sale at Bertha House for the duration of the festival. For those who would like to get reading immediately, all books are available for purchase or pre-order through the Book Lounge.

Note that seating is limited and booking is essential. We are also limited in the number of complimentary tickets we are able to issue. If you would like to be considered, please email openbooktickets@gmail.com.

As always, there are likely to be changes, so please keep your eye on our website for updates.

If you have any questions or need further detail about the participants, the books or the venue (including Covid protocol), please get in touch with Vasti.

Thanks as always to our sponsors and partners for making this possible.