Listening to the Land(3)

before the rupture that disconnected our intimate relationship with the land, every family or community had a storykeeper, a healer, a seer. every family or community had one whose ear was pressed to the soil, listening for the stories their people needed. stories of healing & wisdom. stories of celebration & remembrance. stories of foretelling & guidance. the land still calls. we have simply forgotten how to listen, how to hear. but remembering is always only a choice away. if you feel the whispers of the land’s stories in your bones, this workshop is for you.

in this one-day poetry workshop, Toni Giselle Stuart will guide you to slow down, step into the silence & listen to the stories calling within you. She’ll offer poems, stories, music, sound & visual art, as inspiration to reflect on your own relationship to the earth, and your ancestral lands. and from here, begin listening for & writing the story calling to you at this time.

Date: 3 June 2024

Time: 10:00am -


Venue: Bertha House | Mzandisi

Price: R150

Tickets: Required