Wanjiru Koinange

Wanjiru Koinange is a writer, library restorer and entrepreneur from Nairobi, Kenya.

Her debut novel, The Havoc of Choice, was published in London and Nairobi in 2019 and 2020 respectively and is currently a national bestseller. It will be released in Arabic in October 2022. The novel, which depicts events surrounding Kenya’s 2007 parliamentary elections, has been described as one of the best accounts of the new Africa in years.

Her writing has been published in several journals and magazines across the continent, including Chimurenga, SlipNet and Commonwealth Writers where she served as cultural correspondent for East and Southern Africa in 2015. During this period she published this story about the McMillan Memorial Library – Kenya’s second oldest library. This article was the main inspiration for the formation of Book Bunk which Wanjiru co-founded with Angela Wachuka in 2017.