Subi Bosa

As a child Subi Bosa drew pictures all the time. In every room of the house – sometimes on the walls. His mother still tells everyone “… he knew how to draw before he could properly hold a pencil.” Subi has been known for drawing fun pictures and comics, which he did throughout highschool and university.

After studying Architecture he realised his passion was illustration and became a freelancer, working with self publishing authors worldwide and was awarded a Mo Siewcharran Publisher’s Prize for Illustration in 2020.

In 2022 The Girl With 21 Questions, a picture book illustrated by Subi and published by Pan MacMillan, won the gold Pendoring award for best designed picture book. His wordless comic Miyayu was published by Imagnary House in 2021. This led to his participation in the Kingsmead Book Fair where he facilitated a comic making workshop.

Connect with Subi:

Instagram: @subi_bosa
Twitter: @BosaSubi