Bianca Flanders

Bianca Flanders is an actor, voice artist, writer, producer and director from Cape Town. In 2011 she graduated from UCT with her degree in Theatre and Performance. In 2012, she went on to complete her Post-Graduate Certificate of Education in English and Drama. She had performed in various stage productions including Krotoa: Eva van de Kaap, District 6, Kanala, The Demon Bride, Happy New Year, Aunty Merle: The Musical, Orpheus in Africa, In Ongenade, Kristalvlakte, Alice in Wonderland, Niqabi Ninja and Alice in Wonderland. She has also had roles in various films and series such as Troukoors, Nêrens Noord Kaap, Barakat, Swirl, Our Girl, A Christmas Chorus and The Riviera.

In 2021 Bianca wrote and directed her first feature film, Nativity which is available on Showmax. She is the author of the bestselling children’s books, Pumpkin Finds Her Queen, Pumpkin Finds Her Kindness and most recently, Pumpkin Finds Her Beat.

Other books she has written include The Baboon, the Dassie and the Berries (Available at Wimpy nationwide) and Yolisa’s Might Mission (Available on the Gautrain).