Nombeko Nontshokweni

Nombeko Nontshokweni is a Ph.D. candidate in Education with a master’s in Public Administration from the University of Fort Hare. She is the inspirational founder of Isipho Equipping, a multi-accredited leadership and capacity development activator operating mainly in the Eastern Cape province–with a nationwide footprint through the National School of Government. Nontshokweni’s own trajectory compels her to lift others into a condition of self-discovery, growth, harnessing a mastery of the self not easily achievable for the youth and professionals in the margins. Her foundation as an educator in the country’s rural landscape has enabled her to inform pathfinding research, strategy, and to develop unique techniques to success and fulfillment. She is the author of the forthcoming collection of poetry, uNobuntu, a tightly-woven chronicle on the mechanics of life, work, the wonders of nature, and the troubled world.