Nam Magwala

Nam Magwala is a spoken word artist, based in New Cross Roads,Cape Town. Her love for literature began in early childhood, from her grandmother’s love for storytelling. In 2013 she began writing her own stories, focusing on her life experiences. Having been inspired by performances at Khumbulani Pride, 2015, she began performing and allowing herself to express her LGBTIQ activism. She is a member of the Cape Youth Poetry Hub for Expression and Rhythm. She has participated in a number of events, including the Naked Word Festival,  Open Book Festival and was one of the opening acts at UCT’s Queer and Black film Screening. Her poem “Spirit child” was accepted at the Avbob Poetry Competition. She continues to feed her passion by reading African literature and believes in speaking things into existence, thus demonstrating her belief in the power of the (spoken) word.