exhibit.gif feels that animated .gifs are the perfect combination of elements: more than a picture but not as long as a video – they capture perfect moments and allow so much to be said, in such a small amount of time.
Inspired by their love of .gifs, the collective came together to host exhibitions dedicated to this popular digital art form, honoring them in real life gallery spaces. Each exhibit.gif exhibition starts with an open call to .gif creators from all over the world to submit art centered around a specific theme. The collective has curated four events in Cape Town, which showcased over 500 .gifs by 150 artists.
The collective hopes to continue growing the .gif culture and to celebrate the format, by providing spaces for shared .gif experiences and a whole lot of byte sized fun.

Collective Members: Duncan Cosser, Jean-Jacques Rossouw, Jennifer Cohen, Julian Brookstone, Linley Rall, Sharleen Hollick