17-21 September 2014

Open Book Festival

17-21 September2014

Photos from Open Book

  • Zuki Wanner by Retha Ferguson

Author Comments

  • Thanks so much for inviting me. It was great to meet you all, and to see the shop. I thought the festival was fantastically well run with something for everyone.

    Emily Gravett

  • It was super-rad, thank you.

    Lauren Beukes

  • It was a huge pleasure and privilege to be part of the Festival.

    Deon Meyer

  • Thank you for inviting me to the Open Book Festival. I was tremendously impressed that the festival was so ambitious and smooth running after only two years.  The events were all well attended and diverse and I would love to do it again some time!

    Joanne Harris

  • I was absolutely thrilled to get a chance to attend the festival. I had an excellent time, and can say with real honesty that I found it one of the most interesting and engaging festivals I’ve been to.

    Esi Edugyan

  • Thank you for a great Open Book festival and for including me in the line-up. The organisation was impeccable, the venue beautiful, the events imaginative, the mood relaxed despite all the frantic work that was clearly taking place behind the scenes.

    Michela Wrong

  • Pure raptury and enravishment!

    Mark Forsyth

  • Thank you so much for inviting me to Open Book. It was without doubt the most enjoyable festival I have attended this year. Frankie and Mervyn did a fantastic job in organising and maintaining a strong element of social responsibility.

    Noo Saro-Wiwa

  • I had a tremendous time in Cape Town: Open book is now a regular on the major lit fest circuit and I’d be back like a shot. So many lovely people – both speakers and audiences.

    John Crace

  • Just like last year, I feel nothing but grateful to you and Frankie for getting such an amazing festival together, which is showing every sign of becoming a significant literary event.

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