09-13 September 2015

Open Book Festival

09-13 September2015

Photos from Open Book

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  • 10628577_719371604779124_2089274737481322818_n
  • 10639570_719382508111367_6947566488726598834_n
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  • Adam Stower by Retha Ferguson
  • Andrew Brown, Geoff Dyer by Retha Ferguson
  • Damon Galgut by Retha Ferguson
  • Francesca Beard by Retha Ferguson
  • Fugard Foyer by Retha Ferguson
  • Geoff Dyer by Retha Ferguson
  • Hakkiesdraad by Retha Ferguson
  • Imraan Coovadia, Sarah Lotz, Mike Carey by Retha Ferguson
  • Jerm, Zapiro, Andy Mason
  • Kader Abdolah by Retha Ferguson
  • Koleka Putuma by Retha Ferguson
  • Zuki Wanner by Retha Ferguson

Author Comments

  • Open Book 2014 felt like a gigantic party in which writers and readers came together to celebrate the texts and the stories and the media they love.  Across five days of brilliant programming, I immersed myself in writers I’d never come across, genres outside my comfort zone and conversations on a hundred topics with strangers who quickly became friends.  It was a show well worth coming six thousand miles for.

    Mike Carey

  • The Open Book Festival was a lot of fun, loved it. Best thing was that the audience was always engaged.

    Rabih Alameddine

  • Thank you so much for including me in the fabulocity that is Open Book…It was a pleasure and a privilege, I am a life-long fan and will be telling anyone who will listen to get themselves to Cape Town in September for a visit.

    Francesca Beard

  • Thank you for a wonderful week in Cape Town. It was fun, stimulating, impeccably organised – and I’m SO glad I was part of it.

    Geoff Dyer

  • The Open Book Festival in Cape Town is absolutely one of the most enjoyable festivals I’ve attended anywhere. The enthusiasm of readers, variety of authors, and the warm, welcoming ambience is not to be missed.  Should the opportunity arise, go!

    Raymond E Feist

  • Thanks so much for all the hard work and careful thought that obviously went in to Open Book 2014. I have attended all but one, and of course this was my first as a participant! It is such an unique and important space that you create each year in Cape Town. Also, the fact that it attracted such diverse audiences, in a city that rarely manages to achieve this, made it rare and very special. Congratulations.

    C. A. Davids

  • It was a pleasure to be involved in the Open Book Festival and to have the opportunity to share the excitement and enthusiasm for books displayed by all the children I met during my events. It is clear how the love of reading is a passion that can be shared by all, both young and old, and the Open Book Festival is doing so much to make this joy available to all. Congratulations to everyone involved, and I wish the festival ever greater success in the years to come.

    Adam Stower

  • It was my first time attending a literary festival and I was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm and friendliness everywhere I went. It was a thrill to be on the same panel as authors whose work I’ve read and enjoyed, like Jonny Steinberg, Andrew Brown and Zakes Mda. The experience led me to ponder my own writing and made me appreciate this gift of words even more.

    Ekow Duker

  • For a literary festival that has only been in existence for four years, Open Book punches way above its weight and has achieved much more than literary festivals that have been in existence for longer.

    Zukiswa Wanner

  • Thanks so much for inviting me. It was great to meet you all, and to see the shop. I thought the festival was fantastically well run with something for everyone.

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The Book Lounge and the Fugard Theatre invite you to Open Book Cape Town

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The Book Lounge and the Fugard Theatre invite you to Open Book Cape Town

9 – 13 September 2015


There’s nothing like taking the programme live to bring home how close the festival is! In just over a month, authors from around the world and South Africa will be in Cape Town to take […]

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