Open Book Newsletter

Last Friday saw the first Open Book event of 2012 at The Book Lounge. Thanks to all of you who were able to join us! It was an amazing evening for a variety of reasons. All 26 pieces of donated art were auctioned off, enabling us to make a strong start towards raising funds for the library at Parkhurst Primary. In addition to the funds raised through the auction, Coricraft has made a generous contribution as has Pan Macmillan.

The event itself served as a reminder of why we are committed to putting libraries into schools. Andre Brink and Karina Szczurek spoke about their love of books and shared the stories of titles they cannot live without. It was completely enthralling and I only wish they could both have spoken for longer. There is nothing quite like listening to people speak passionately about a subject that is close to all our hearts. If only a fraction of students become book lovers as a result of the Open Book library project, we will consider our work a success.

The event aside though, we do have a few more names to share with you! Jacques de Loustal, Patrick Flanery, Eliane Glaser, James Gleick and Ifeanyi Ajaegbo will all be joining us at Open Book later this year. Last but certainly not least, we have just received word that Nobel laureate, Nadine Gordimer, will be joining us for one day during the festival. Her latest novel, No Time Like the Present, has just hit shelves in South Africa and we are understandably excited that she will be part of Open Book 2012. The guest list is getting more exciting by the day!

If you would like further details about Open Book 2012, please contact Frankie (

The Open Book Team

Open Book is organised in partnership with The French Institute, The British Council, PEN, Equal Education, The District 6 Museum, The Gordon Institute of Creative and Performing Arts, The Townhouse Hotel, The Fugard Theatre and The Cape Times and sponsored by Penguin Books, Pan Macmillan, Random House Struik, NB Publishers and Oxford University Press.