Changes to the Programme

It is unfortunately unavoidable that changes happen to events on the programme.

Please note the following:

  • Event No 3: Marinda van Zyl – Bekendsteling van Wilhelmina Radebe kom tuis has been cancelled.
  • Event No 33: José Eduardo Agualusa – Book of Chameleons. He will be talking to Margie Orford instead of Veronique Tadjo.
  • Event No 60: SAACS Presents Steven Galloway. Galloway will now be talking to Judge Dennis Davis instead of Minister Trevor Manuel.
  • Event No 65: The Rise and Rise of the Political Memoir. Minsiter Trevor Manuel is no longer involved in this event.
  • Event No 70.5: Forthcoming Attractions 4. Dawn Promislow has replaced Michiel Heyns.
  • Event No 146: Forthcoming Attractions 5. Michiel Heyns has replaced Dawn Promislow.

Please watch this space for any further changes.