Thobeka Yose

Hailing from Bizana, Eastern Cape, Thobeka Yose cultivated a love for storytelling in the fertile soil of primary school. Initially drawn to the corporate world, she pursued studies in marketing and business. However, the allure of narrative proved irresistible, prompting Thobeka to embark on a writer’s journey. She has edited and contributed to publications locally and internationally. Prior to the pandemic, Thobeka’s repertoire expanded into the realm of audio storytelling. As producer of ‘Touch Down With Top Women’ for Top Radio, she captivated audiences across Africa and beyond with her year-long programme. The ink in her veins continues to flow. As Content Manager at Batazia, Thobeka empowers aspiring writers and publishers by facilitating the dissemination of their works on a global platform, encompassing diverse African languages. This role fuels her passion for language and the profound fulfilment it brings. Beyond the written word, Thobeka is a vocal advocate for women’s rights and a staunch opponent of gender-based violence. Her unwavering commitment has led her to address audiences at various women’s events. From the sun-drenched fields of Bizana to the global stage of storytelling and social activism, Thobeka’s journey continues to inspire and uplift.