Rorisang Moseli

Rorisang Moseli is an activist, political and country risk analyst, and student. He has been an advocate for free and equal education since high school, where he led marches through the streets of Johannesburg when he was apart of the Johannesburg Junior Council. Rori has
worked with Equal Education, the S’busiso Leope Education Foundation, and Tim Tebeila Foundation in high school across several education initiatives. Rorisang has also represented South Africa in multiple forums across the world including Austria, Hungary, Brazil, and Rwanda. He is the longest serving SRC President at UCT, in office from 2015-2017. Rorisang holds a BSocSci in Politics and Governance & International Relations from the University of Cape Town, where he’s also clawing his way to a BSocSci Honours in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. He now moonlights as a political campaign aide and is an Analyst at Signal Risk where he reports and provides political and country risk analysis on West and Central African countries for c-suite executives and other decision-makers.