Pulane Mlilo Mpondo

Pulane Mlilo Mpondo is a 34-year-old born again Christian and mom of three little girls. Mpondo’s writing expresses a commitment to telling the stories of women, who the world considers vulnerable and without agency, in a means to redefine the limited Eurocentric understandings of self-determination while displaying an urgent need to dismantle and reconstruct perceptions of African women. Through her use of metaphor, she has a natural and effortless ability to describe a distinctly feminine energy in all its beauty, rage, resilience, or despondency to what life has served. Mpondo aims to give women with her shared heritage a platform to chant and come undone without shame. With a career spanning a decade, Mpondo has been published by and contributed to various national and international platforms including the Daily Maverick, ELLE Magazine, Marie Claire and UK Guardian. Her debut novel is Things My Mother Left Me.