Nobuhle Ashanti

Nobuhle Ashanti is an artist and radio personality from Cape Town, SA. Her creative disciplines include jazz piano, classical violin, music composition and arrangement. From the early age of 10, her music education developed vigorously through Beau Soleil Music Centre – studying classical violin – as well as various legendary youth music programs including The Little Giants, Sekunjalo Youth Program, and the Grahamstown International Youth Jazz Festival. Over the years, Nobuhle has consistently performed for various live music venues and
festivals around Cape Town, South Africa – with her project “Ashanti Tribe” or as a session pianist/musical director for local artists. Her communication skills have led her to hosting her very own radio show, ‘Tribal Gathering’ on Hamshack Radio where each episode focuses on an artist (from any and all genres), their music and career.
Nobuhle launched her project “Ashanti Tribe” in 2018. Growing up within Cape Town’s music industry, Nobuhle has been exposed to various authentic South African music genres. Learning rich histories of the South African people came along with her music education, through studying legendary artists and their music. The fundamental concept of her project/movement “Ashanti Tribe” is to gather different artists to celebrate heritage and heal together – along with listeners.