Moshitadi Lehlomela

Moshitadi Lehlomela is a former civil engineering technician turned mother wound coach, writer, and entrepreneur. As a coach, Lehlomela holds space for victims and survivors of maternal abuse, neglect and abandonment. She is also the author of Radical Acceptance for Childhood Adversities and the creator of The Self-Mothering Care Practice, an online course dedicated to helping mother wound victims learn to re-parent themselves. Lehlomela is also the founder of Temple Beautiful Wellness, a company that incorporates elements of psychology, neuroscience, and spirituality to create healing tools for mother wound survivors. In 2020, after being employed at a motor repairs workshop, she co-founded an artisan development academy, a skills development company that equips young people in Sekhukhune, South Africa with motor repair and entrepreneurial skills. Beside her coaching and business, Lehlomela is photographer, a keynote speaker and board member at The Big Sister Company, a non-profit organisation that equips young girls from conservative homes and underdeveloped rural areas with life skills so they can become empowered women. She lives in Jane Furse, Limpopo.

Image by Leuwald Botha