Leo Joubert

Science writer Leo Joubert has a pretty gnarly beat. She writes about pollution: carbon pollution of the atmosphere driving climate collapse; how highly-processed food-like products pollute the nutritional landscape, causing the oil spills of hunger, wasting, diabetes and obesity in our bodies; and how plastic pollution is turning up inside our arteries, placental tissue, and breast milk, and landing on the highest mountain peaks and the deepest ocean trenches.


In short, she writes about the muck coming out the tailpipe of the fossil fuel-driven neo-liberal industrial machine. Leo has spent two decades grappling with these tough environmental and social justice issues.


She’s also collected a few gongs along the way.


None of this track record matters, though. Without a stable climate and a liveable planet, these are mere trinkets.


Previously, she’s written under her full name. For reasons that will reveal themselves later, she’s going by a more gender-ambiguous name this time, in the hope that a few more eyes will fall upon these words.


Her most recent work – Invisible Ink – is available here.