Kerry von Lillienfield

Kerry von Lillienfeld lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa. He has published the science novel “Freefall” and is the creator and writer of the comic “Technoir.”

Technoir is a gritty noir cyber fiction set in the year 2039 and follows the main protagonist HARRY BLACK, a Private  Investigator based in KapeCit. Technoir explores the possible future that awaits us in two decades time, a vastly changed world due to the advances in technology and the fall of the western powers and rise of the east and the ascending power of African countries.The stories play out in various realities, those being the physical world, the virtual digital worlds and the mystical worlds of magic and spirituality.

Kerry works as a props master in the film and television industry, specializing in the science fiction genre such as Monster Hunter, Origin, The Dark Tower, Maze Runner, Resident Evil and Dredd.

IMDB:  Kerry