Due to COVID-19, Open Book 2020 is cancelled.
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Katya Wagner

Katya Wagner is an illustrator and graphic designer who sometimes goes by the enigmatic handle: Pony of the Sea. While she is partial to the siren call of fresh, blank paper and a virgin Unipin fineliner (0.1mm please!) her illustration work is mainly rendered digitally. Working mainly in Adobe Illustrator, Katya strives to swim against the ever-trendy flow of clean vector art by delivering something that is hand-drawn (thanks Wacom!) yet infinitely scaleable and amenable to a wide variety of applications.

She is well versed in Photoshop and InDesign which adds extra layers of possibility to each creation. Katya is also dipping her toes into the realm of animation through the bite-sized medium of animated GIFs.




Instagram: pony_of_the_sea
Facebook: facebook.com/ponyofthesea
Behance: behance.net/KatyaWagner
Website: www.ponyofthesea.com
Tumblr: ponyoftheseas.tumblr.com/


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