Katleho Kano Shoro

Performance poet, writer, academic and project manager within the arts, Katleho Kano Shoro, is also the current 2016 Gauteng Slam Champion within Current State of Poetry (CSP) movement. Much of her work is focused on African intellectualism as well as exploring the accessibility thereof. Kano’s poetry has been published in Pear Drop, Killens Review of Arts and Letters Journal, Badilisha Poetry and Naane la Moya. She has been involved in various literary projects that combine her creative and academic proclivities. Some of these include co-ordinating African literary initiatives under organisations such as AFAI and Langaa RPCIG, co-editing The Spoken Word Project: Stories Travelling through Africa and being a panellist at literature festivals such as Franschhoek Literature Festival and Open Book Festival.

Instagram @kat_kano