Jessica Mbangeni

Dr Bishop Jessica Mbangeni is a custodian of African Heritage and daughter of the Xhosa nation who upholds her cultures and traditions making waves with her Xhosa Praise Poetry, Music, Dance and African Fashion. She is the founder member of the Grammy Award winning Soweto Gospel Choir who has traveled the world. She has participated in a number of high profile events including the 46664 concert in Cape Town and the inauguration of Thabo Mbeki as South African president. Internationally, she ushered the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and Guruji Sri Sri Ravishranka.

She is the owner of KwaNtu Entertainment Designs record label and Afrocentric clothing label which is situated in the heart of Johannesburg Oriental Plaza, Fordsburg,

Her discography of her albums and live dvd is available worldwide and has won prestigious awards across Africa. Her poetry is featured on the works of great artists across the world.