Hong Ying

hong ying

Hong Ying 虹影 (b. 1962 Chongqing, China) began her writing career as a poet during the early 1980s in China. After relocating to London in 1990, while continuing to publish poetry, she published short-story collections and novels in rapid succession. She has written more than a dozen novels in Chinese, some of which have been translated, and made into TV series or films. She is best known in the English-speaking world for her novels Summer of Betrayal, Daughter of the River, and K: The Art of Love. Her autobiographical novel Daughter of the River has been translated into thirty languages, and K: The Art of Love won the Premio Letterario Rome award in 2005. Her four poetry collections include Quick, Run Eclipse (1999) and I Too Am Salammbo (2013; English edition 2015). She now lives in Beijing.