Helen Moffett

Helen Moffett is an author, editor, teacher, researcher, and recovering academic. She has published over twenty books, including edited anthologies, poetry collections, textbooks, children’s books, erotica, environmental handbooks, works on sport, and more. Her novel, Charlotte, is a Pride and Prejudice sequel, published by Bonnier/Manilla Press in the UK. She has edited hundreds of titles for authors and publishers all around the world, and contends that she has the best job in the world. She specialises in training other editors and is currently writing a memoir about her editing life. She advocates for those with Long Covid, which she has had for three and a half years and counting. She lives in Noordhoek, Cape Town, and curates Salon Hecate in partnership with Noordhoek Art Point gallery. This is a platform for performing poetry and prose in creative overlap with art exhibitions and work by local artists, musicians, and environmental activists. She is ruled by four rescue cats.