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Emile YX?

emile yx?

Emile YX? is often considered to be one of the Pioneers of South African Hip Hop and is a founder member of the legendary South African Hip Hop Group, Black Noise. He is best known for his developmental work and community outreach projects such as the Heal the Hood Project which won the best Hip Hop Organization in 2010, and hosting events such as African Hip Hop Indaba, Battle of the Year, Shut Up Just Dance, African Battle Cry, Cape Flats Uprising, Surf Day, Up The Rock, Black Noise Anniversary, and Freestyle Session. He has recorded and released 12 albums with Black Noise, six solo albums, one Afrikaaps soundtrack, featured on nine compilation albums, seven Heal the Hood compilation albums, and helped six local artists release their solo albums.

Emile has assisted in writing and performing in award winning plays Afrikaaps, Ons Bou, Mixing It Up, and Break. He started South Africa’s first Hip Hop magazine Da Juice and has written three books.

Emile recently received an Honorary Award from S.A. Hip Hop Awards and Lifetime Achievement Award from Iconic Urban Dance Awards. He was selected as the face of Moshito Music Conference. He also hosted the 1st Cape Flats Film Festival.

Twitter: @EmileYX

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