Elisabeth Åsbrink

Elisabeth Åsbrink is a writer and journalist, based in Stockholm and Copenhagen. Her latest non-fiction book, Orden som formade Sverige, deals with the Swedish culture, self image and myths. It was praised by Swedish critics when published in August 2018 and is currently under translation to English. The non-fiction book, 1947, was published simultaneously in Sweden, Denmark and Norway in 2016 and recieved a prize from the Royal Swedish Academy. Since, it has been translated into 19 languages and widley praised in the U S, France, Italy and Australia, among other countries. She was nominated for the August Prize for her first three books and won the August Prize for best non-fiction book 2011 for And in Wienerwald the trees are still standing. She made her debut as a playwright 2012 with Tracks on Folkteatern in Gothenburg, and has since written several plays.

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