Dfeat Once

dfeat once

Dfeat Once is a South African artist based in Cape Town who started painting graffiti/ street-art in 1999 with murals against rape, crime and drug-abuse. Since then, he has been featured in a documentary by Shamanic organic films (2002), been awarded first prize winner at the African Battle Cry (2002) and represented Cape Town at the Imbawula Hip Hop Festival in Joburg. He initiated ‘Practice makes Perfect’ at Queenspark High School in Woodstock to inspire young minds to never give up their dreams, aspirations and goals. He worked as an art teacher at Lil’dreys teaching art to children aged 4 – 13 years. ATN road-marking company commissioned artist Ashley fife AKA Logikll Paradox and Dfeat Once to paint a mural on a revived/gentrified sports field at Phoenix Secondary School. This is his biggest mural to date at 101m in length and 2m. At present, he produces recycled cardboard sneakers, hand-painted t shirts, graffiti timepieces and also does sketches and portraits by commission. You can find some of his work at Jason Bakery (cnr Bree street and Buiten street) and Amandla Edu Football at Salt Circle 3rd floor in Salt River.