Birdie is an Anthropologist, Singer/Songwriter and a PhD Graduate in Anthropology at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. She has joined a new breed of soul musicians who are putting their own modern take on the classic sound, and doing it justice. Her voice evokes raw, organic emotion that penetrates deep into your heart. In what is already a highly competitive music scene, she has worked diligently to carve a path and has fast claimed her space.


Spotted at the Born to Be Famous Showcase by Native Rhythms founder and owner, award-winning producer, Dr Sipho Sithole aka Malambule, Birdie recorded an album that teaches us that music recognises no barriers and can penetrate the hardest of hearts and unwrap the most hidden emotions. In her own words, Birdie testifies that she ‘found joy not in finishing the album but in the activity that went into crafting and recording it, which proved that the ultimate measure of success is the actual journey and not the destination”.


Since the release of her debut album, ‘Birdie’ (2015), she released a Deluxe Edition Album in 2018. She then released a collaboration with DJ Ganyani titled ‘Tsokombela’ in 2020, followed by her own single titled I Am Here in 2022 all while pursuing her PhD. She is currently working on her next body of work to be titled ‘Matimu – Footprints in Nature’.