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Ashanti Kunene

Ashanti Kunene is a social justice activist, published writer, activist poet and currently, an international relations masters student at Stellenbosch University. Ashanti was a prominent student leader at Stellenbosch University during the 2015/2016 #FeesMustFall student
movement. Her masters thesis looks at the epistemological erasure of radical black feminists from the mainstream narratives of the 2015/2016 #FeesMustFall student movement and the process of meaning making and subjectivities in social movements. Ashanti has written articles for the Daily Maverick and the Huffington Post; she has delivered a Ted Talk on African futures and published a peer reviewed journal article in Politeia reflecting on intersectionality in #FMF. Additionally, Ashanti wrote a chapter titled Don’t Forget White Women Voted for Trump, for the feminist collection titled Nasty Women Talk Back edited by Joy Watson and Amanda Gouws; abook that was launched at the Open Book Festival in 2018. Her life goal is to become a professor of ‘decolonial international relations theory’ and to publish more books that encourage and challenge us to be better humans.

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