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Antony Altbeker

Antony Altbeker has worked on issues relating to crime, policing and criminal justice in government and in a variety of think-tanks. In government, he worked for four years (1994 to 1998) in the Ministry for Safety and Security, where he was responsible for establishing systems for monitoring police performance and was involved in a variety of policy and legislative processes. Between 1999 and 2001, Antony worked in the National Treasury where he was a senior manager responsible for the negotiation of the budgets for the departments that make up the criminal justice system. Finally and most recently, Antony worked as a Special Advisor to the Minister of Finance, assisting in the hand-over to a new minister before and after the 2009 elections.

To purchase an eBook of A Country At War With Itself : South Africa’s Crisis Of Crime by Antony Altbeker click here
To purchase an eBook of Fruit Of A Poisoned Tree : A True Story Of Murder And The Miscarriage Of Justice by Antony Altbeker click here

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