Due to COVID-19, Open Book 2020 is cancelled.
Keep an eye out for our Open Book Podcast series in October 2020!


Anela Feleza

Anela Feleza is the Content Manager and Co-Founder of the Mkutano African Podcast – exploring the conceptualization and business of ‘African Literature’ as a means not only to provide a platform for writers in the genre, but also to widen access to conversations about the genre to black youth. Anela completed her BSocSci in the Political Sciences; International Relations and Industrial Sociology and went on to complete a BSocSci(Hons) in Justice and Transformation at the University of Cape Town. Anela is currently studying towards an LLB at UCT, and is a Traditional Healer.

Anela continues to serve as a resident panelist in discussions centered on the Fallist Movement, Decolonization and African Spirituality perspectives for various institutions, and remains passionate about social justice issues.


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