Events will be happening at several venues in Cape Town. They are – for the most part – within walking distance of each other.

The Fugard Theatre is the hub of the festival and the Open Book team will be there for the duration. You will also be able to buy tickets for events directly from the Fugard. In 2016, we will be using their main Theatre Space, as well as the Fugard Studio.

The much loved indie-bookshop, The Book Lounge will be hosting several events and all books related to the festival will be available for purchase there as well as at the satellite shop in the Homecoming Centre.

The D6 Homecoming Centre is more than our home for the Comics Fest Marketplace and Book Lounge satellite shop in 2017. We will also be using the following spaces:

  • Homecoming Centre Marketplace – this is on the ground floor and home to signings, the Book Lounge Satellite Shop and more
  • Homecoming Centre Workshop – this is upstairs from the ground floor
  • Homecoming Centre Stadium – this is the green stadium area on the ground floor
  • Homecoming Centre Reception – this is on the ground floor towards the reception desk
  • Homecoming Centre Gallery – this is upstairs adjacent to the Workshop
  • Homecoming Centre Boardroom – this is up 2 flights of stairs (so second floor)

A4 Arts Foundation: This newly opened venue will host a number of events on our programme. Fine them at 23 Buitenkant Street

Central Library will be hosting a few of events on our programme. Located on the corner of Parade and Darling Streets, the library is an incredible space that all should visit. They have a great selection of books no matter your reading taste.

  • Central Library Children’s Library – this is down the stairs from the Ground Floor
  • Central Library PAM – this is the area above the Music Section

Elsie’s River Library will be hosting us. See map

Kuyasa Library will be hosting us. See map

PH Centre: See map

For those struggling to find parking, please try the Parade (opposite the City Hall) or the parking area around the corner from the Fugard Theatre.

Download the Festival Map