Open Book Cape Town is committed to encouraging a love of books and reading. Five days of the year – while tremendously exciting – is not going to do that. It is for that reason that we have begun a number of projects that we will have continued involvement with, ensuring a significant and sustainable impact.

Mentoring Project

The goal of this project is to identify students with an interest in writing and to nurture that interest. The success of the project is not dependent on any of the students pursuing writing as a career, but rather on them realising such a career is an option.

Our goal in 2016 is to work with young writers to produce a children’s book. Kicking off at Westridge High School, we look forward to exciting times ahead.

Stocking a Library

The Open Book School Library Project is one that is close to our collective hearts. 2015 saw us piloting the Open Box project at St Mary’s Primary School in Cape Town, and we look forward to placing an additional 3 of these great boxes in their Grade 3, 4 and 5 classes over the course of 2016. As always, we will run exciting book related events at the school, in particular for those grades we are working with most closely.

What we need:

Financial Donations: We organise events through the year to raise funds to buy books for the school. In addition, we approach organisations, corporates and individuals for donations we can use to purchase titles. Any assistance on this side is of immense value.

Previous Focus Schools:

2013/14: Westridge High School (Mitchell’s Plain)

Students: 1055

Librarian: Martine Parkinson

2012/13: Parkhurst Primary School (Mitchell’s Plain)

Students: 1250

Librarian: Hayley-Ann Powell

2011/12: Matthew Goniwe Memorial High School (Khayelitsha)

Students: 1400

Librarian: Portia Spara