04-08 September 2019

Open Book Festival

04-08 September2019

Open Book 2012!

Preparations for Open Book 2012 are well underway and the time has come to share some details.
The festival is happening from the 20 – 24 September, so be sure to book those dates now. The festival falls over a long weekend this year (Heritage Day is on Monday the 24th September) which makes attending exciting […]

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Changes to the Programme

It is unfortunately unavoidable that changes happen to events on the programme.
Please note the following:

Event No 3: Marinda van Zyl – Bekendsteling van Wilhelmina Radebe kom tuis has been cancelled.
Event No 33: José Eduardo Agualusa – Book of Chameleons. He will be talking to Margie Orford instead of Veronique Tadjo.
Event No 60: SAACS Presents Steven […]

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Open Book maak nuus!

Vir die van julle wat miskien onlangs hierdie heerlike artikel oor Open Book misgeloop het, hier is die skakel.

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