05-09 September 2018

Open Book Festival

05-09 September2018

Stephanie Simpson

Me and Norman

Stephanie Simpson illustrates under the name Me and Norman, Norman being her imaginary friend. With him at her side, she is fearless and able to stare a blank page straight in the eyes and conquer it! She generally works in three mediums that serve three different purposes. As a freelance illustrator, she has had to develop several different styles that can be exercised for different briefs. All three mediums have a common thread that speaks of the personality of her illustrations – quirky, free, playful, expressive and sometimes silly. She is very much focused on the process and place she climbs into when drawing – a world that she is unable to leave once the drawing starts to take form. Drawing, for her, is a kind of game she plays to amuse herself. Her hope is that her drawings will amuse the viewer in just the same way.