06-10 September 2017

Open Book Festival

05-09 September2018

Stephanie Simpson

Me and Norman

Stephanie Simpson is the “me” in Me and Norman. With her imaginary friend Norman Nanimal, a Bushycathigersquill from the illusive land of Nastraliam, she illustrates creatures, people, places and things. Of these creatures, her favourite is cats (this obsession is made very apparent in her countless drawings of them). With Norman as the inspiration who whispers in her ear, Stephanie spends most days in her studio working on children’s story books. She mostly enjoys drawing with black ink and tipex and tries to make at least one cat drawing a day. She has a degree in Fine Art from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and has just recently completed an Honours in Visual Arts, Illustration at Stellenbosch University. She currently resides in the Western Cape but hopes to travel and draw many creatures and things in different places.