07-11 September 2016

Open Book Festival

06-10 September2017

Shameema Dharsey


Shameema Dharsey bravely conquered a BTech Degree in Graphic Design, majoring in illustration. A six-month stint at an advertising agency sent her wailing into the Great Open Arms of Freelance Illustration where she spent two years painting ferociously bright paintings, interspersed with some children’s illustrations, which she thoroughly enjoyed doing. It did, however, leave her moderately impoverished and so once again she was forced to don the cloak of 9 to 5. After a two year episode at a children’s publisher, she found herself in the DTP department of a comic publisher, editing comic illustrations in Photoshop.
Four years later? Freelancing once more doing children’s illustration, comics, and anything that takes her fancy. Her comic, The Cat Lady, is about love, loneliness but mostly cats.


Twitter: @shamvandamnart