05-09 September 2018

Open Book Festival

05-09 September2018

Sefi Atta

Sefi Atta

Sefi Atta was born in Lagos, Nigeria. She was educated there, in England and the United States. A former chartered accountant and CPA, she is a graduate of the creative writing program at Antioch University, Los Angeles. Her short stories have appeared in several journals, including the Los Angeles Review and Mississipi Review and have won prizes from Zoetrope and Red Hen Press. Her radio plays have been broadcast by the BBC. She is the winner of several awards, including PEN International’s 2004/2005 David TK Wong Prize and the inaugural Wole Soyinka Prize for Literature in Africa for her debut novel Everything Good Will Come (2006). Her short story collection, News from Home, received the 2009 Noma Award For Publishing in Africa. A Bit of Difference, originally published in 2012, was republished in 2014.