05-09 September 2018

Open Book Festival

05-09 September2018

Lauren Beukes

lauren beukes

Lauren Beukes is an award-winning, internationally best-selling novelist who also writes comics, screenplays, TV shows and  journalism. Her novels, including The Shining GirlsBroken Monsters and Zoo City have been translated into 23 languages and are being developed for film and TV. Her fiction has been described as high-concept and genre-blending, with a social conscience that examines the fracture points of society and who we are. Her other published work includes the corporate dystopia, Moxyland, the non-fiction, Maverick: Extraordinary Women From South Africa’s Past and a collection, Slipping, short stories, essays and other writing. 

The comics she has been involved in include Survivor’s Club, an original horror series with Dale Halvorsen and Ryan Kelly, the NYT-best-selling Fables spin-off, Fairest: The Hidden Kingdom with Inaki Miranda, and a Wonder Woman-in-Soweto one-shot for kids, The Trouble With Cats with art by Mike Maihack.

Twitter: @laurenbeukes


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