04-08 September 2019

Open Book Festival

04-08 September2019

Kollektivo Illuminoso Fresco (KIF)

Kollektivo Illuminoso Fresco (KIF) is an Artist Collective that was formed by Clinton Osbourn and Luntu Vumazonke, who met at a prison post-release arts programme in Cape Town, South Africa. Clinton was the programme coordinator and Luntu was one of the participants who became a youth leader.

We created our first comic book which was a collection of stories in 2013 with some of the other participants in the programme, which we called This Life. The stories were created to help the ex-offenders reflect on their lives and to build their self-esteem. The intention was for the process to be therapeutic but we realised that some of the participants had a lot of potential and were interested in being artists, so we decided to form an artists collective and explore other ways to use their creativity to share their ideas with the world.  We created This Life 2 in 2014 and This Life 3 in 2015. These stories were created by the participants in the prison post release programme but not all of them joined in with the collective.

In 2015 we registered a company to support our collective and individual creative projects and find a way to make a living out of their talents and the skills they have developed.

Our work usually reflects the circumstances that we live in and deals with issues such as crime, drugs, gangsterism, prison life, broken families and cultural traditions.

We have published 4 comic books and one colouring-in book and have held 2 successful group exhibitions.

Members of the collective have also been featured in other group shows at Youngblood, Erdman Contemporary and That Art Fair and had their stories published in various international publications such as Graflit (SA), Red Eye (USA) and Kuti Kuti (Denmark). One of the artists has also recently collaborated with Southern Guild in creating a range of homeware.


The members of the collective are:

Luntu Vumazonke

Clinton Osbourn

Eric Menyo

Siphamandla Poswa

Edward Vermeulen

Loyiso Botha

Xolisa Pezisa

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kollektivoilluminosofresco

Instagram: we.are.kif

E-mail: wearekif@gmail.com