05-09 September 2018

Open Book Festival

05-09 September2018

Kerry Jones

Kerry Jones pic

Kerry Jones works with speakers of Khoesan languages in southern Africa and is the Director of a company called African Tongue. On completion of her Masters in Australia in 2008, she turned back to her home country to use her newly acquired skills with our First Peoples. She has since acquired her Ph.D at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Linguistics and is the co-author of the award winning publication Ju|’hoan Da’abi!oa Nǂomtciasi Kokxuisi ǂXanua, Ju|’hoan Prentewoordeboek vir Kinders, Ju|’hoan Children’s Picture Dictionary (Cwi & Jones, 2014), the first ever children’s dictionary in a San language.