05-09 September 2018

Open Book Festival

05-09 September2018

Kelwyn Sole

Kelwyn Sole is Professor and De Beers Chair of English Literature at the University of Cape Town. He has won the Olive Schreiner Prize, Thomas Pringle Award and Sydney Clouts Prize for his poetry and the AA Mutual Life/Vita Award and Thomas Pringle Award for his literary criticism, and published six collections of poetry: The Blood of Our Silence (Ravan Press,1987); Projections in the Past Tense (Ravan, 1992); Love That is Night (University of Natal Press, 1998); Mirror and Water Gazing (University of KwaZulu-Natal Press, 2001); Land Dreaming: Prose Poems (UKZN Press, 2006) and Absent Tongues (Hands-On Books, 2012), as well as editing an anthology of contemporary South African poems for the
journal The Common (Amherst, USA) 4, 2012.