04-08 September 2019

Open Book Festival

04-08 September2019

Karina Szczurek

Karina Magdalena Szczurek is the author of Truer than Fiction: Nadine Gordimer Writing Post-Apartheid South Africa as well as the editor of Touch: Stories of Contact, Encounters with André Brink, Contrary: Critical Responses to the Novels of André Brink (with Willie Burger), and the 2015 SSDA anthology, Water: New Short Fiction from Africa (with Nick Mulgrew). She also writes short stories, essays and literary criticism. Her debut novel Invisible Others was published in 2014 and her new book, You Make Me Possible: The Love Letters of Karina Szczurek & André Brink is due in 2018.

Twitter: @KarinaMSzczurek