07-11 September 2016

Open Book Festival

06-10 September2017

Jarred Cramer

jarred cramer

Jarred Cramer is the founder, illustrator and designer of the virtual freelance studio Kaos Produktion Studios. Through Kaos, he has been the creator of logos, business cards, illustrations and caricatures for numerous clients. He is also a writer and comic book artist. In 2008, he created the webcomic Juvies, based loosely on himself and his two best friends. In 2012, he self published Under Construction, the first 40+ Juvies strips. Free Comic Book Day 2014 saw the launch of the very first issue of Super-Dud, a local “superhero” comic set in a fictional South Africa about a boy who thinks he has super powers. Kaos Produktion Studios is slowly growing stronger. With Juvies Volume 2, Super-Dud issue 3 and other stories in development, Jarred is proving that even the small guys can run with the big dogs!

Twitter – @KaosProduktions

Facebook – Facebook.com/KaosProduktionStudios

Super-Dud – facebook.com/superdudcomic