04-08 September 2019

Open Book Festival

04-08 September2019

Adeiye Tjon

Adeiye Tjon

Adeiye ‘MC Complex’ Tjon Tam Pau is a coach and workshop master for Poetry Circle Nowhere – a collective of writing performers in the Netherlands. Adeiye has been active for years in the Dutch and international hip-hop scene. He is a highly regarded MC both within Holland and internationally and has collaborated with a number of artists, including Controverse and DJ Knowhow. Together with Rick D he formed the hip-hop group 7th Foul Nation, and later joined the band ‘D-lusion’. In 2010, he released his debut album ‘Not Like Me’. He continues to run workshops and participate in projects that feed into education. In 2000 he travelled to Cape Town to run a series of workshops that culminated in a performance on World AIDS day.




Thanks to the Dutch Foundation for Literature for their support